28February, 2014

3-practice2At Rowse’s 1 Plus 1, we do it – or rather, YOU do it.  You get right down to business with the ranch owner in whatever capacity you feel comfortable, being his right-hand-man for the week. This type of lifestyle is an eye-opener for many, and we bring you right into it – getting you into the action from day 1 so you can truly live it. We provide the uniquely authentic experience that is hard to find on other ranches.


At Rowse’s 1 Plus 1 Ranch, you will truly become part of the ranch crew. You will be welcomed into our everyday life, to become a true rancher and friend – not just a guest. You will get involved with the ranch owners, from eating with us in our ranch home to divin’ into the ridin’ and cattle. We’ve got to do the work whether you’re here or not, so we’ll welcome you right into the daily ranch riding and cattle work that needs doin’. We’ll take care of the mundane stuff, allowing you to enjoy the fun of riding and working with cattle. From sorting cattle to doctoring, to lookin’ for that lost stray in the thick junipers, you can be involved in every daily task.


You will ‘own’ your horse for the week. If you’d like, it can become your complete responsibility to catch, saddle, feed and turn your horse out each day. While we’re always here to help with any part of the experience you might be uncomfortable with, you’ll be completely in charge of your own immersive experience.


At Rowse’s 1 Plus 1 Ranch, we offer TRUE riding freedom –what many other ranches claim, but not all provide. There are few ranches in the USA who do what we do, offering what real ranchers know as “riding freedom”. We allow our guests to be a true part of what we’re doing. Once you ranch and ride with 1 Plus 1, you will understand what the true riding and ranching lifestyle is.


Do you need to be an experienced rider? No. Although an experienced rider will certainly thrive in our ranching environment, we welcome all levels of rider. We have horses that are ideal for the beginner that will still allow you to be directly involved in everything we’re doing.


Like we said, many ranches claim it, but we actually do it – or rather, YOU actually do it. Browse our website to learn more about our true ranching and riding experience.


Posted by Tammy Rowse