The Perfect Riding Companion

The 1+1 Ranch quarter horses you will be riding have been raised, trained, and rode in the Sandhills of Nebraska. They are outstanding athletes, bred for conformation, disposition, solid minds, and eye appeal. Their performance ability has been proven on the ranch and in the show ring. Training starts their two-year-old year with brandings to attend, pastures to check, and roping.

It takes lots of wet saddle blankets to make the horse. We are firm believers that working cattle and many miles in wide open pastures makes all the difference in the training of our young horses. We guarantee our horses sound and drug free and will represent them as they are. Our ranch horses stand apart because they have worked. The 1+1 Ranch has a proven program you can trust that turns great horses into great partners. We put a lot of work into our horses to ensure your experience is as pleasurable as possible.