Cowboy and Cattle Ranch

Our Ranch is a family owned and operated, working ranch. We’re not a traditional luxury dude ranch or guest ranch resort, we work cattle. Our horses would be embarrassed to go on “head-to-tail” trail rides.

The Ranch is more than 7,000 acres of prime ranch land near Burwell, Nebraska. Located just 80 miles from Grand Island and 200 miles from Omaha, it’s an area of breathtaking beauty in the heart of the Sandhills, the largest sand dune formation in North America.

The Sandhills region played a tremendous role in the history of this part of our great country. With westward expansion in the 1800s, the area became populated with hearty, adventurous folks. Were it not for their rugged independence, indomitable spirit, and love of nature and the land, Nebraska and other plains states might never have been settled.

Today, the Sandhills is among the most productive cattle ranching areas of the world and the Sandhills region comprises roughly one-quarter of the state of Nebraska.


Our Philosophy

The Rowse philosophy promotes a unique bonding experience between you and your horse by letting you work and play together in a directed, yet unstructured way. Come be a cowboy and ride the ranch with the Rowse family.

All in the Family

Both Jerry and Tammy Rowse’s families have a long-standing passion for ranching, horses, western heritage, and hospitality. The Rowse family is proud to be a part of the rugged American tradition that has carved out ranches in the Sandhills.

Jerry’s great-great-great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather moved to the northern part of Garfield County in 1884 where they placed land claims on their ranch and received their final receipts in 1888 as part of the Homestead Act. Winters in the Sandhills are harsh at times. In 1888 Jerry’s great-great-great grandfather lost 80 head of cattle in one night in a fierce winter storm. It took true grit for the folks back then to carve out their ranches. Jerry was raised on land that is just 10 miles from the current Rowse’s 1+1 Ranch.

In 1882, Tammy’s great-great-grandfather, I.B. Nelson, purchased land in southern Garfield County as well as a flour mill on the river close to what became Burwell. Then he later donated a portion of his land to found the town of Burwell.

William, I.B.’s son, had a true love for his horses; he would carry blankets to cover his horses in the cold of weather. He would freight flour to Grand Island, Nebraska, 90 miles away and bring home supplies for area ranches. He started the family tradition of breeding and raising horses and cattle on a ranch just six miles north of Burwell, which remains part of the family.

Part of the Rowse’s 1+1 Ranch has been in Tammy’s family for more than 75 years and she was lucky enough to have grown up on the land. Their son Kyle, who is a 7th generation rancher, shares his parents’ passion for the land and the animals, and he currently works alongside Jerry and Tammy on the ranch.

Rowse’s 1+1 Ranch has 800 cow/calf pairs, an award winning quarterhorse breeding program, and hosts guests at the ranch throughout much of the year.