28July, 2014

7233765_SAustralian cattle dogs are free-spirited, intelligent pups with a tough, yet loveable temperament. It’s hard to stereotype this breed, as each one is so unique.  The temperament isn’t the only thing that varies either; these gorgeous Australian cattle dogs have unique markings that make each pup truly one of a kind.

Punishing the cattle dog won’t get you far, as they’re free and independent. Instead, to obtain desired behaviors and obedience, you’ll have to get to know your Australian cattle dog, so that you can correct his behavior, in way that he will respond to and respect.


More fun facts about Australian cattle dogs:

  • The dingo, a Dalmatian, and a collie played a role in the breeding process.
  • The cattle dog was originally bred to herd cattle back to a ranch, hence the name.
  • The Australian cattle dog is highly energetic and requires an experienced dog owner to train and handle this dog.
  • These dogs love to chew more than normal, be prepared to get tough toys and large bones to keep this dog entertained.
  • Australian cattle dogs are very smart, and their willingness to please makes them fast learners. Though punishing them doesn’t work, correcting bad behavior and rewarding good behavior makes training fairly easy.
  • The average weight of a cattle dog is 35-45lbs.
  • The Australian cattle dog’s lifespan is about 12-13 years.
  • They’re only puppies for 1 year; a 1-year-old Australian cattle dog is comparable to a teenager.