5August, 2014

15044326_SWhile horses are smart and independent, they still require a bit of assistance and care when it comes to staying healthy. Of course, you know that your horse needs healthy exercise, but what are some other ways you can promote health and happiness in your majestic pet?



Normally, horses will eat probably about forty to fifty pounds of food a day, but this also includes all grazing with the daily feedings. They also consume several gallons of water every day. So, one of the biggest things to keep in mind is that they need grazing food and cold, fresh water all day long.


Only feed your horse hay of the highest quality, because poor hay can leave them deficient of certain vitamins that they need.


Regular Shoeing

Find an experienced farrier that can fit and trim the horse’s shoes. Getting this done every 6 weeks is a way to ensure that your horse’s feet are safe and comfortable.


Frequent Grooming

Whether your horse is a show horse or not, frequent care is great. If you groom your horse every day it will not only make the horse feel better, but he or she will look great too. It also increases your bond, because the horse feels relaxed as you brush him or her.


Working in the Fields

Many of the horses on our farms work in the fields. This is going to require different types of care. It will be even more important that they get the adequate amount of food, water, and rest so that they are able to keep up their work routines.


In general, your horse will need a lot of attention not only for care, but also for trust and bonding.