23March, 2013

Ranch activities at 1+1 Ranch cater for everyone. Not just a cute themed vacation spot, we are also a family-owned operational ranch. Spanning 10,000 acres, 1+1 Ranch is the real deal when it comes to authentic working ranch vacations. Help real wranglers round up cattle, go horseback riding and feast at cowboy cookouts. Or immerse yourself in cowboy culture off the ranch, and discover why Nebraska is known as Cow Country. Here are just some of the ways a working ranch vacation with us will let you experience the Wild West up close and personal…



Horseback riding

Saddle Up and experience a part of the Old West that still exists. We offer everything from cattle drives and roundups to riding out to check the health of cattle herds in wide open pastures. We’ll match you with a horse to suit your own preferences and abilities, so you can be guaranteed the best western horseback riding experience possible.


Ranch work

Working ranch vacations offer more than just horseback riding. Guests participate in seasonal ranch activities while learning about conservation practices in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Not just a seminar in ranching, we invite you to be part of the daily routine. Come and learn from our wranglers what it takes to run a working ranch operation, from feeding cows, to checking water lines and fixing fence. This is the real deal!


Cattle Drives

Need we say more? Live the old west experience and join us on a cattle drive at 1+1 Ranch. Spring roundups start late April and run throughout May. Saddle up and learn how the cowboys do it, while playing a valid part in our ranch operation. It is traditional for ranch families to get together during roundups or cattle drives and we welcome you to join them. Enjoy the camaraderie and appreciate the skill involved in roping and wrangling.



Brandings are real community events where crews will number 30¬–40 people. You’ll get the chance to meet our family, friends and neighbors (and their families!), get stuck into real ranching work and immerse yourself in traditional western cowboy culture.


Rodeo time!

There is nothing like real rodeo action in a small town setting, and we’d like to share the fun with you. Come for a ranch vacation at 1+1 Ranch in the last full weekend in July, and you’ll get to see the real deal when it comes to rodeo. Watch in awe as these talented cowboys and cowgirls mount up for calf roping, steer wrestling, barrel racing, and bronc and bull riding. Eight seconds does not sound like much until you imagine it strapped to a 2,000 pound bull – and these bulls have attitude!


Discover nature

Nature discovery hikes are great activities if you want to get away from it all, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the ranch. Stop and rest in the grassy Sandhills and listen to the song of a meadow lark (the Nebraska state bird) and the coyote, the soaring of a red tail hawk, the soft rustle of a deer bounding across the path, and the quiet munching of horses grazing in the pasture. Bring your camera and we’ll ensure you’re at the right place at the right time to capture those special moments forever.


Western cowboy culture

Alongside agriculture and ranching, 1+1 Ranch sit in an area rich in cultural resources, the arts, western and Native American history, and prehistoric fossils. Nearby to 1+1 Ranch you’ll find plenty of great places to visit, from anything that’ll take from a couple of hours up to a full day. We recommend checking out Fort Hartsuf, an old cavalry fort, and the Stur Museum in Grand Island, an old west town.