9April, 2013

Living the cowboy dream is one of the main reasons our guests choose 1+1 Ranch for a horseback riding vacation.

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For some, it’s a desire to relive the antics of Billy Crystal et al in the classic ’90s movie City Slickers. For more classic cowboy movie buffs, it’s the chance to unleash their inner John Wayne. For keen English-style horseback riders, it’s a great way to test their horsemanship skills on cattle drives or working cattle in the arena. For others, it’s simply about getting away from the stress of everyday life, heading to the open country and letting their hair down on a horseback adventure.


In particular, our English and European guests love the vast, wide open spaces of our Nebraska ranch. While their home countries boast some beautiful country, there’s nothing like having thousands of acres of open country on your doorstep to explore on horseback – or on foot.


Being a working ranch operation, we rarely schedule trail rides for our guests at 1+1 Ranch. That means every time you place your butt in the saddle you’re guaranteed the authentic western horseback riding experience! Whether we’re riding out to check fencing or water lines, to check on the health of our cattle, to move a group of cows to another pasture or to tackle a full-on cattle drive, you’re going to master those essential cowboy skills pretty quickly.


Even the most experienced horseback riders who come for a ranch vacation at 1+1 Ranch learn new skills. Those more accustomed to English saddles learn to master neck-reining and other western riding aids, and ride around a herd of cattle instead of around cones in an arena! And those who have learnt to ride western-style have the chance to pick up more advanced cowboy skills, such as roping and cutting cattle.


And it’s not just about the western horseback riding. At 1+1 Ranch we encourage you to get involved in all aspects of our working ranch operation. That means helping to look after our family of cattle and horses, lending a hand feeding, doctoring cattle, fixing fence and other day-to-day ranch chores.


You know that when you come to 1+1 Ranch, it’s as authentic as it gets. That means that you no longer have to wait until bedtime to drift off into dreams of the cowboy life. You really can live it for real.


So don’t just dream the cowboy dream – live it! Click here for more about our authentic ranch vacations at 1+1 Ranch.