8April, 2013

Calving time is still going strong here at 1+1 Ranch. Our family of cattle is growing bigger every day, and when it comes to sleeping arrangements our animals aren’t fussy who they snuggle up next to!

The other day we came down to find one baby calf and his mommy keeping warm next to one of our horses. While baby sidled up next to his equine pal, Mom found that a horse’s back makes for a pretty good pillow!


It still feels pretty cold and wintry here at 1+1 Ranch, but we’re braving the elements each day to feed the cattle and horses and make sure they’re as warm and cosy as we are when we head back to the house and light the fire. It’s a magical time during calving season, but it also leads the way into guest season – it won’t be long until those frosty mornings are behind us and instead of keeping the calves warm, they’re keeping us warm as we drive them from pasture to pasture on horseback.


Join us for one of our cattle drives at 1+1 Ranch this summer, and meet these sleeping beauties for yourself! For now though, it’s back to work – feeding time again…


Tammy and Jerry