18March, 2014

cowboy-spursFor those families who farm and ranch, or even those just interested in activities, there are some great resources. Here at Rowse’s 1 Plus 1 cattle ranch in Burwell, Nebraska, we often look to Farm & Ranch Living, a publication that brings together farming and ranching families with news, stories, and activities.


In a past issue, a man named James P. Owen wrote an article about “cowboy values”, and how Americans could learn a great deal from them. He lamented that Americans were “tired of living in a culture that glorifies materialism and self-gratification.” We here at Rowse’s 1 Plus 1 Ranch couldn’t agree more. Here are the seven “cowboy values” that Owen laid out in that timeless article:


  • Courage – People slink behind e-mails and find it easier to avoid confrontation, while the cowboy confronts challenges head on, because in his mind, there is no other option.
  • Optimism – The cyclical nature of cattle ranching allows fresh starts with new opportunities to stay positive and work hard for a productive season.
  • Self-Reliance – As you’ll find out when you visit our ranch, if we don’t do the job, there’s no one else to fall back on.
  • Authenticity – The average person might dress up as a “cowboy” for a Halloween party, but real cowboys need every tool and article of clothing they wear to get the job done right.
  • Honor – The cowboy doesn’t bemoan the opportunity to do his work. He feels lucky to have the land in front of him and pays it forward with the utmost respect for all.
  • Duty – Duty to your horse, duty to the land, and duty to the mouths he will help feed, the cowboy relentlessly drives his work and is driven by it at the same time.
  • Heart – The cowboy holds reason and emotion in perfect balance. He feels deeply and isn’t afraid to express it.


These values sure do sum up much of what keeps us going with our work here at Rowse’s 1 Plus 1 Ranch. Even if you feel like your stressful, everyday life has sapped you of your “cowboy values”, visit our cattle ranch in Burwell, Nebraska and they’ll start rubbing off on you in no time at all.


Posted by Tammy Rowse